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Held at the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) is a wealth of popular and mass magazines that offers a view of Belgian art that has never been taken into account in the canonical construction of Belgian art history. ARTPRESSE aims at filling this gap.

ARTPRESSE is a four-year project funded by BRAIN-be 2.0. Its aim is, more specifically, to study and digitize a representative part of this neglected corpus, which covers the interbellum period up until 1950, in order to challenge our canonical view of Belgian art history and create a best practice that will help the KBR to reorient its own archive and heritage policy into the new directions at the heart of the broader current intermedial turn of the digital age.

The project sees the collaboration of three institutions: the Royal Library of Belgium, the KU Leuven and the ULiège.

Read more about the project and partners in the 'About' and 'Team' pages.


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